GoStraight – New Addictive 2D Arcade Game external link

Go Straight is a Simple 2D game with a score based system where you try to beat your or your friend high score. You try to navigate your yacht in a river full of wooden logs however there is a catch, you can only go diagonally.

It is very easy to learn and play but very hard to master.

Hi guys, I am a computer scientist student and I recently started making games. I dont have any budget or any idea how to continue from here. So i wanted to get ideas and recomendations from you guys. I value your opinions very high and i would be extremenly happy if you guys told me how do you feel about my game any recomendations about the art style game play music or anything that comes to your mind. I open to everything i am very exicted to hear you guys. Thank You So Much.

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  1. Ronald Spencer says:

    An essential tool for anyone looking to achieve their goals