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Gravitext is a massive new word game that will challenge your skills. Spell words by using intuitive and easy-to-master controls to connect letters in every direction. Use power ups and plan your moves to spell massive words!

Featuring 5 unique game modes!

– Levels Mode
Play through 99 levels that each bring new and exciting challenges. Complete all 99 to start a new cycle, earn a reward, and play them again!

– Arcade Mode
You have 30 seconds to spell as many words as you can. Spell bigger words to get more time and keep going!

– Overflow Mode
Every word you spell drops a new row of letters onto the board. Spell as many words as you can before the board fills up!

– Drought Mode
You start with a full board of letters, and no refills. Spell as many words with those letters as you can! Can you clear the board?

– Challenge Mode
Go head to head with up to 3 friends with Pass and Play multiplayer. Set the rules and battle it out!

Use the Word Checker to find out the words that Gravitext knows, and suggest words that you think should be added to Gravitext’s dictionary.

Check the word list to see all the words you’ve spelled, as well as find the definitions!

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