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Guess the word, get the idiom Trivia Quiz Game for iPhone and iPad.

Guess the word – get the Idiom Trivia Quiz game is an endless fun and addictive word guessing, quiz game that challenges your English, idioms Vocabulary knowledge and ability, while providing addictive fun at the same time!

Open the game and tap “PLAY”. You’ll be presented with an Idiom missing just one word.
You goal is to guess what WORD all 4 letters that combine to form that word,
Letters are provided for you to type with.
Tap the letters to place them on the game board.
Tapping letters again will remove letters from the game board. If letters are correct dashes are also filled and word gets completed this way you can Guess the Word and get the Idiom easily.


It’s up to you to figure it out what that idiom is!

As with all of our games, the beginning is quite easy but the game gets engaging and addicting with hundreds of Idioms missing a Word to complete it.

Guess The Word and get the Idiom immediately but is this easy for you? Not so fast dude! All of the letters that make the word fit to complete the Idioms must be guessed correctly, Order is not important,

If you know the Idioms no worries. If not used much before this is a good helpful game to enrich you with more and more idioms and their meanings as well as usage.

Love idioms and their usage in common communications? considering a good trivia quiz word puzzle to be fun?

If you love our game please Rate it on iTunes and Share with friends to let them enjoy the board on their iPhone and iPad too. If you have any issue you may contact and resolve via Idiom Trivia Quiz app support page mentioned here.

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  1. Jesse Johnson says:

    It is a great app thank you

  2. Ruby Diaz says:

    Just what i was looking for.