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It can be difficult to change your habits when you want to adopt a healthier diet or quit bad habits. Especially when it’s not easy to visualize the benefits of those new habits. With Habits, it’s easy to track the benefits of your habit changes and enjoy two additional features that make things even more concrete to help you stay motivated: tracking your impact on the environment and global tracking of all users.

Track your habits in terms of personal or environmental benefits!

The proposed habit changes all have the common characteristic of having beneficial consequences on the environment (reduction of CO2 emissions, water resources / exploited agricultural surface). These consequences are quantifiable, which makes it possible to monitor the ecological impact of these small daily habits! Estimate yourself the change of habit you want to make, you can change your goal whenever you want! You know that you have made a deviation on certain days? Indicate it in your habit calendar and your impact will adjust accordingly! Validate your new habit a certain number of days to earn a badge and reach the next level!

Track the impact of all users!

Open a free account (email, google or facebook), as everyone’s efforts are recorded and accessible to everyone! You can track the number of people for each habit change and see the impact of the collective effort! It’s easier to stay motivated when you know you’re not alone!

Learn more about your habits

Take a look at the fact sheets for each habit, which contain information on how these habits impact individuals and the environment. The contents of these fact sheets are used to calculate the impact of each of your habits. So when you see numbers increase on your screen, you can see exactly where they came from and how they were calculated! In addition, each fact sheet contains a list of the sources that made it possible to write it. This transparency allows all the information on these sheets to be completely verifiable and substantiated!

Habit has been designed with passion by a solo developper (me) and it’s my first application. I’m not a professionnal and I started programming as a hobby, so I look forward for feedback to improve the app’ ! :)

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