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The best AI powered recommendation engine is finally here!

Meet Hai, the first pure cross-domain recommendation engine here to help you discover highly personalized recommendations for entertainment including:

– Movies
– Tvshows
– Music
– Books
– Video Games
– Restaurants

Hai is also cross-platform, because what you are using matters: Spotify, Netflix, HBO, XBox — you name it. Hai makes recommendations across multiple platforms so you can always discover your new favorite items wherever they may be. Your own Hai is fully trainable, taking into account your individual preferences, tastes and ratings.

And last but not least, we are very proud to introduce for the first time Group Recommendations! You can invite your friends to join Hai, then combine their tastes with your own to receive recommendations everyone in the group will enjoy. Find out how easy it is to create the perfect consensus for the best movie to watch, places to eat and more!

Above all else, we value the safety and security of the Hai community. We built Hai to align with the interests of its users, providing truly unbiased recommendations which allow you to discover the full range of your unique tastes.

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  1. William Sanders says:

    It is a good app to have