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Only App out there which combines the power of Dieting , Exercising and Walking to help you lose/gain weight. The app features include Diet/Exercise Planner, Pedometer, BMI Calculator and Water Intake Tracker.

Combined Plan feature in App is an Ultimate weight loss program setup. It sets a plan based on user input. The Plan includes :
1. A Diet Plan : What and How much to eat Daily
2. Exercise Routine : Which and How much of each exercise Daily
3. Walking Plan : How many steps to walk daily which can be counted using built in Pedometer.

App’s Water Intake Feature helps user be hydrated by setting goal based on user’s weight instead of 8 glass per day rudimentary believe. It also helps user to track it.

Progress Tracking system of App is simple yet efficient. While Walking Progress is updates each time user starts new session. Diet and Exercise Progress is updated by asking user through Notification time of whose can be tweaked in Settings.

App offers flexibility by also allowing user to set a separate plan for Diet/Exercise and Pedometer given a user only wants to walk to lose weight.

App has a simple UI but is still Mammoth in features while all it’s offering are free.

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  1. Douglas Baker says:

    It is a very useful and interesting app