Here Comes “Diet Recipes & Plans”, The App For IOS That Makes You Lose Weight external link

In the modern world more and more often we ask our iPhone what to do and what is the best solution to the many problems that we face ahead.
It is now available on the App Store an app called “Diet Recipes & Plans” that allows us to track the performance of our diet and provides us the opportunity to see hundreds of ingredients and their nutritional values and dozens of customized recipes to use in our diet, all for free.
Just installed “Diet Recipes & Plans” only allows us to see the large database of ingredients but just insert your personal data and we will have the ability to immediately access recipes compiled and tailored for you and to access a chart that keeps track of your weight week by week allowing you to verify the effectiveness of your diet.
The heart of the app is the ability to calculate a customized diet for us by setting a few parameters such as the intensity of the diet, the number of daily meals and the weight that we want to reach by the end of the diet. At the moment “Diet Recipes & Plans” lets you create 4 types of diets : the Mediterranean diet, the international diet, the vegetarian diet and dissociated diet, and gives us the possibility to calculate any of them either to maintain, to lose or to gain weight.
The calculated diets are surprisingly well done, with an indication of each meal of the day and the ability to recalculate every single meal to our liking if we do not want to eat fish for dinner we can easily recalculate the meal until there will be something to our liking without the risk of jeopardizing our progress in the diet, in fact every meal you recalculat mantains similar nutritional values to the previous meal.

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