Hirextra – Crowdstaffing Simplified external link

Many individuals established companies and small businesses tend to offer AI-based recruitment solutions but in fact, with further examination a few really do. HireXtra is more than just an ordinary platform and doesn’t claim to do ordinary keyword matching. Hirextra sits up higher than any other crowd staffing platform, being one of the world’s first AI-based crowd staffing platform with so many features.

HireXtra’s unique features including skills passport, AI CV competency, AI personality insights (Predicative Analysis), Hire-Pal-chat Bot (Quality chat Bot, Interview chat Bot, Availability check chat Bot). We dig into a much deeper level than just keyword matching. As HireXtra is a bridge between the employer and vendor, we innovate our exclusive features to create efficient AI solutions by discovering deep integral constructive patterns and trends with our experiential data mining and natural language methods. Making crowd staffing futuristic and technological with today’s moving world. This is machine learning and this is the meaning of true artificial intelligence in recruitment.

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