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Howmuch is a cloud service (website + dedicated mobile apps) integrating all the common budget and expense management features and more.
With respect to his competitors, Howmuch’s strong points are the following:

1) All information and data are integrated in the same app for an efficient and more powerful control
“Dropbox + Google calendar + Google Sheets + …” solutions are time-consuming and not optimized

2) With Howmuch you can collaborate with other people, e.g. between partners or colleagues
by simply installing the App on all devices and sharing the same account

3) Budgets and balances can include all expenses thus making reliable and complete stats
e.g. you can easily insert your cash expenses by using the App (getting rid of papers and receipts!) but also massively import your bank transactions by using the excel import feature on website

4) Some useful additional features, like shopping lists or loyalty cards, make easier the family’s life :-)

The Howmuch genesis
Two years ago, I was searching for a way to better do all family’s management stuff (I’m married and I have two amazing sons) like expenses tracking, balances, budgets, reminders, documents, etc in an integrated way…
Then I thought: “Well, I’m a software developer! I’ll do it by myself!”.
So, after an intense developing phase (1 year, more or less), Howmuch was born matching real needs and dealing with very concrete situations.
I published Howmuch because I thought that the most part of people and families have similar needs…

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  1. Laura Coleman says:

    great little app

  2. Rose Carter says:

    Does what it says!