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Today supposed to be a great day for Mupphy, a cute alien, to take a walk under the ocean inside his bubble. However, things were getting worse and worse when our cute alien got trapped inside another alien box. Mupphy is starving now!!! He is too dumb and hungry to realize that the alien box is trapping food with bubbles in order to blast our cute alien’s bubble simply because Mupphy can’t swim. Your mission is to help him by blasting bubbles that contain the right meat!!

Hungry Mupphy will challenge your eyes and reaction. Key features:
★ Nice cartoon graphics with funny, cute sound effects
★ 3 different game modes
★ 3 types of bubbles
★ 6 different Mupphy skins:
++ Mupphy
++ Happy (original from the character Happy in Fairy Tail)
++ Bupphy (original from the character Pantherlily in Fairy Tail)
++ Suarez (hungry man)
++ Carla (original from the character Carla in Fairy Tail)
++ Luffy (original from the character Luffy in One Piece)
★ 2 different Meat skins:
++ Meat
++ Fish
★ 3 different upgrade options
★ Compare your score with leaderboard
★ 100% free

Feel free to contact us for questions, comments, suggestions or bugs. Enjoy the game!

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