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Hyperkey adds never-seen-before social functionality to mobile chat. Users can now discover all visual expressions (Gifs, Stickers etc.) sent by their friends and people around the world. Then they can select and share expressions they like in their own chat.

We’re building a huge public library of user collections based on chat visual expressions. Perhaps the world’s first of its type. Our new social network gives our users, and branded content creators, the ability to make their gifs, stickers, and other forms of visual expressions available to the whole world. And, since Hyperkey installs on your smartphone as a keyboard, it works with any messenger and social networking apps that take text input. When users send gifs or stickers from Hyperkey keyboard these choices are automatically added to their public collection, and can be discovered by others and then recycled in their own chats. When users follow a particular collector they will be notified whenever the owner files an update.

Hyperkey recently raised $500K in angel funding, including well known investors Roger McNamee, Jonathan Feiber, Sam Perry, Michael Levinthal, Dan Wiener; as well as Almaz Capital and Edward Frank, former VP of Engineering at Apple. Today the Hyperkey team is 7 people.

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  1. Daniel Stewart says:

    Just what i was looking for.

  2. Jesse Johnson says:

    great little app