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iFiles Pro By Faisal Faruqi

This app creates a magical hard drive on your iPhone or iPad through which you can access your files from virtually anywhere: Dropbox, Google Docs, Microsoft Sky Drive, FTP Server or even files from any remote computer or a web site on a single tabbed screen through which you can view or manage your files.

You can also display show your iPhone or iPad screen to an external monitor or Apple TV.

At Home, You can view remote files on your iPad/iPhone, view a slideshow of photos from your computer, read documents or eBooks without the hassle of login to different sites or downloading/transferring files to your iPhone or iPad.

At work, you can browse file servers over the Internet using the iPad/iPhone’s built-in VPN. During meetings or presentations, you can retrieve and show documents from company servers and impress the audience.

Access Files remotely


Access your Dropbox files just as if they are on your iPhone/iPad. Drag & Drop files. View, Email, Move, Rename or Delete files or download to your local iPhone or iPad drive.

Access your Google Docs files just as if they are on your iPhone/iPad.

Access your Microsoft files just as if they are on your iPhone/iPad.

Universal Web Downloader
Download files from internet using a powerful and feature-rich browser

that is included in the app.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP to any server and use files on the remote FTP server just as if they are on your iPhone/iPad.

* Drag & Drop files on the FTP server.

Emails with Attachments

Save Email Attachments directly from your email software using the ’Open In’ feature. Just keep pressing the docuemnt attachment in your email and select Files access Anywhere from the list, the attachment will automatically be downloaded and locally saved in the app.

Easy to use interface.

iTunes Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifiles-pro/id571181469?ls=1&mt=8

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