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People need a fresh perspective every now and again. That is exactly what Imagoo, a Las Vegas-born tech start up, is providing for its users and the entire social networking community. Having recently undergone a complete overhaul, the newest version of the application will present a social gaming experience unlike any other on the market.

As a user, the rewards one receives through traditional social networking applications are intangible in nature; rewards such as “likes” or “favorites.” However, how do these rewards actually affect the user? They may give them a confidence boost or pad their ego, but no tangible item is actually exchanged. Imagoo 2.0 resolves this problem by presenting a new perspective to social networking: active participation on the Imagoo app will allow users to translate time spent on the platform into real-world compensation.

The original version of Imagoo stemmed from the idea of social polling and surveying through users uploading & challenging two images. This model is still present in Imagoo 2.0, however a new rewards based system has now been implemented. Voting on challenges earns users points that can be redeemed for gift cards and sponsored products within the app’s reward section. In essence, Imagoo seeks to incentivize users to actively participate on the platform through tangible reimbursement.

Imagoo took a prominent characteristic of human nature, that of comparing and challenging items, and added game-like components to create an addictive appeal. This appeal will find users continually uploading and voting on challenges, all while quickly building up a bank of points. In addition, users can earn major points by inviting friends to join the community. Once the desired points are collected, users can tap on the rewards section of the application to quickly redeem their points for prizes. Aside from the tangible rewards, users can also use their points to purchase in-app power-ups, allowing users to earn points faster.

Apart from Imagoo’s compelling challenge and points system, it is important to note that Imagoo is still a social network with features such as mentions, hashtags, followers and the recently added ranking system. The ranking system brings some added intrigue to the challenge feature by listing the top, most active users on the application. Being listed in the top users, in turn, gives those users increased exposure, allowing them to gain points more quickly. Therefore, it pays off to be amongst the top, most active users on imagoo. The faster a user can earn points, the faster they are able to redeem rewards.

The competitive advantage for Imagoo clearly lies in its ability to reward user participation with real-world merchandise. In an effort to bring users the best in product rewards, the application has partnered up with major brands ranging from electronics such as Soundcast© , to fashion and food. The Imagoo team is definitely dedicated to delivering a unique range of rewards to effectively motivate users to engage in challenges and the Imagoo community as a whole.

At last there is an application that benefits all parties involved. Through Imagoo’s unique points and rewards system, users are able to earn tangible merchandise, and retailers are able to receive real-time feedback by viewing what users are voting on and selecting as rewards. One other noteworthy aspect to mention: the app is free.

Imagoo 2.0 was successfully released on Monday, November 11, 2013. Looking forward, the Imagoo team’s goal is to grow the user based to over 300,000 sign ups over the next six months, and to broaden their partnerships with retailers.

To learn more about Imagoo, visit To download imagoo, Imagoo on Android is under development.

November 11, 2013 by Michelle Gulbransen & Evan Wozniak

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