Incognito For Slack – Get Anonymous Team Feedback In A Private Slack Channel external link

Get anonymous team feedback in a private slack channel.

Every user gets an anonymous animal alias so you can differentiate between users without knowing who they are!

We help you:
🗣️ Encourage open and honest feedback
💪 Empower your team by valuing their input
🔦 Spotlight common issues quickly
😶 Help passive employees have their voices heard
⚖️ Level the playing field for all team members
💰 Reward the most helpful feedback

Use cases include:
– Founder AMA / Townhall
– Colleague appreciation
– Anytime feedback
– Specific question & response

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  1. Fabrice Haiat says:

    Our team picked it up quickly, we received 35 questions for our founder townhall in the first week! Getting anonymous feedback in a tool we use daily makes it very convenient.

  2. Ruth Conner says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!