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Ingrid Cloud is an online on-demand simulation service combining artificial intelligence and high-performance computing to take simulations to the next level, and lower the threshold of cost and competence.

Our online service allows our customers to start a fully automated high-fidelity flow simulation within minutes. Ingrid Cloud eliminates all manual work involved with CFD by using intelligent algorithms on supercomputers.

Ingrid cloud is so easy to use that anyone, without any previous experience from simulations, can initiate a fluid flow simulation. The result is presented to the customer within 1-2 days. As a contrast the current simulation software are so complex that it typically takes an expert 2-4 week to conduct a simulation. The total run-time of the simulation is reduced with 85%, and the ease of use gives non-experts access to simulations. Which, according to McKinsey, reduces time to market.

The entire process is managed by the intelligent system. Every step, from pre-processing to simulation and post-processing, is fully automated which makes the service very scalable.

The value of Ingrid Cloud:
• The only solution for fully automated high-fidelity simulations
• Easy to use – No prior experience needed
• Start a simulation within minutes
• Accurate and reliable
• Access to the power of supercomputers
• Cloud-based solution with 24/7 access
• Flexible pay-per-use solution with no fixed fees or investments
• Shorter time to market with simulations early in the design process

Ingrid Cloud democratizes the market and opens an untapped potential market of 10 million users, instead of today’s 500.000 users. But the technology is also a cornerstone for achieving automated computational design.

The company behind Ingrid Cloud, Adaptive Simulations, is a spinout from world leading research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden.


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