Insert Affiliate – Easily Add, Track And Reward Affiliates To Your IOS And Android App. external link

Our cutting-edge SaaS platform simplifies affiliate marketing for mobile apps, offering seamless tracking of affiliate generated in-app purchases.

Making Commission-Based Mobile App Affiliate Marketing Possible: Insert Affiliate pioneers the market by offering one of the world’s first mobile app affiliate system, allowing seamless tracking of affiliates within mobile apps

Harnessing Industry Expertise: We leverage the expertise of renowned providers in purchase verification and mobile attribution, ensuring accurate tracking and active affiliate links. With years of industry experience and a vast user base, our trusted partners guarantee enhanced security, superior service, and long-term reliability.

Pay Affiliates Only When You Earn: We understand the challenges startups face with limited marketing budgets. That’s why our commission-based platform enables you to pay affiliates only when they have generated revenue for your brand. This ensures a win-win situation where you invest in marketing only after seeing tangible results.

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