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Fast, Simple Visitor Feedback Forms for your site. Gather insights from your visitors about your site, service, product fast. Improve your business based on feedback. repeat.

What Is Insight Stash:

Insight Stash is a Voice of the Customer service, which allows you to create customized survey forms for your site. Set up is very simple, copy and paste the code from the control panel to all of your pages where you would like to run your surveys, and the rest configuration is done from the admin panel.

You can configure all of the parameters of the survey, like what questions you would like to ask, what the answer format will be. You can also configure how and when survey appears, which can be on button click, on window close or manually after visitors complete a certain action (this is advanced configuration).

Surveys can be configured to popup only on certain pages, a certain period of time (from Jan 2 to Jan 18), or randomly show to 10% of visitors. Surveys can also be displayed on your site page as modal, or opened in a separate window for visitors convenience.
Once visitors submit their answers (if they choose to), all data is available to you for review and analysis. You can login into administration panel and look at charts or export data into Excel and other tools.

You can run multiple surveys on one page, or on different pages, up to a total number allowed by tier your account is in at the same time. You can have collaborators helping you with surveys with different permission levels, you can enable Sentiment analysis engine for text fields, you can pass an additional set of parameters into each response, you can trigger surveys on custom actions, you can do a lot of stuff.

Use Cases:

Example 1: eCommerce Site

Let’s say visitor has added an item to their cart and started a checkout process on your site, which is 3 step, but decided to drop off on step 2. At this point, you can trigger Insight Stash survey to try to understand why visitors are abandoning cart flow at this stage, by asking them directly – “Would you mind spending 30 seconds telling us about your experience on our site?”. Thus you’ll get actionable insight directly from your visitors and can improve your conversion flow. And you can even pass the type of item visitor was trying to purchase into Insight Stash, so you will know which item has the highest dropout rate in conversion.

Example 2: Startup Site

Startup company site is in build progress, it has launched, however, marketers and developers are not sure what should be the best content for one of the sections of the site. You can create a survey to ask site visitors directly, like: “What type of articles would you like to see on our blog section?”, or “What are the most interesting topics you would like reviewed in our monthly email?”.

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  1. Tommy Bishop says:

    The idea of the app is great. It has a lot of potential

  2. Sarah Thompson says:

    It is a very useful and interesting app