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iSpotPro Themed Edition 1.0 for iOS, the new way to play and train your visual memory and pattern recognition skills!

iSpot Pro TE takes the global hit game, and turns it into a perfect pass-time, and learning app. It is aimed at all ages, but is highly beneficial for children, as it has the added bonus of training their visual memory, without them even realizing.

iSpot Pro TE contains beautifully-constructed graphics, multiple levels of difficulty and options to play leisurely or to race against time, in easy or hard modes. There’s plenty to keep you and your child entertained for hours.

iSpot Pro TE is priced at $2.99 USD for the iPad version and $0.99 USD for the iPhone version. For your peace of mind, there are no hidden costs or in-app purchases. Now you can let your child start learning the fun and easy way!

Feature Highlights:
* Beautifully-crafted interactive packs
* Challenging levels of difficulty
* Multiple game modes (play against the time or leisurely at your own pace)
* Responsive game play
* High-quality, crisp retina graphics for the New iPad
* Save progress
* No hidden costs and no in-app purchases

iPhone Version

iPad Version

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