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Jatheon Archiving Suite is a powerful, modular, on-premise archiving solution that lets businesses capture, store, retrieve, audit and manage email and other unstructured enterprise information.

As a fully remote transatlantic team that has a single mission—to bring companies across the globe premium compliance, eDiscovery and governance solutions, we’re guided by the same values—client focus, initiative, accountability and communication.

Why archive email with Jatheon Archiving Suite:

Ensure Regulatory Compliance:

– Define retention periods to mirror relevant regulations
– Create custom policy rules and get alerts in case of violations
– Expunge email automatically after retention period expires
– Record and monitor actions using the audit trail feature
– Message integrity verification for data authenticity

Streamline eDiscovery:

– Create custom levels of access for ultimate control over your archived data
– Conduct quick or advanced searches to find what you’re looking for in terabytes of data
– The fastest and most precise search functionality in the archiving industry
– Export to PST, PDF or EML
– Apply legal hold and retain specific messages indefinitely

A Complete Email Compliance Solution:

– Easy compliance with FINRA, SEC17a-4, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, IRS, FDA, FRCP
– Exchange and Office 365 email archiving
– Outlook plugin: Access, search and manage your archive directly from Outlook

Improve Data Governance:

– Analyze your archived data and get insight you can use across all departments
– Prevent employee misconduct and detect problems before they escalate
– Learn about your personnel and boost productivity

A Single Solution to Archive Everything:

– A secure and cost-effective on-premise solution with advanced archival capabilities
– Archive email, attachments, social media, mobile calls, texts and WhatsApp using a single solution
– Avoid the risks associated with cloud environment
– Enhanced security and maximum oversight on your own premises
– Secure long-term storage and prevention of bit rot and data corruption

Jatheon Care:

– 24/7 remote monitoring
– Free hardware maintenance and software updates
– Free hardware replacement every four years
– Outstanding support along the way
– Free legacy data importing and migration
– Assistance with archive backup

Jatheon Cloud:

– Perfectly suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

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