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Are you good at jokes? Or do you like hearing them and laugh? Well, from now on jokes have their own social application. Its name is “Joketatic”, developed by Evisoft, SRL.
When you start the app, you have to sign up using an email address and then a whole new world of jokes is available to you. The first tab includes all the jokes existing over the Joketastik world. There are various categories and you can choose to listen to either the newest or the hottest. You can also choose shuffle to listen to a random pick of jokes. When you listen to a joke, you can see its name and the user recorded the joke, the followers of him and the likes each joke has. You can also share the joke via email, SMS, Facebook or twitter, like it, follow the user or flag it. When you flag a joke, you can inform the community if it as not being a proper joke, or be an insulting one etc. You can also pause the joke or proceed to the next or previous one by tapping the arrows.
The next tab allows you to check the users you are following, listen to their jokes or even follow the proposed users. Then, there is the recording option. It allows you to record your own joke in the language you have selected. I forgot to mention that there are 7 languages available, each one having their own categories. The joke you want to record needs to be in the language you have chosen. When you finish your recording, you can type a title, set a category for it and tick it if it is a clean joke or not. When you are finished, you can publish it to the community.
The next tab is the achievements tab. In order to listen to a joke, you use one point. You have 500 points available at the beginning. You can earn more points by completing one of the above achievements. The more points you have, the more jokes you can listen to. In the final tab, you can view the jokes you have listened to and check all your favorite ones. You can also leave a feedback, invite more of your friends and change your app’s settings, allowing you to change languages and listen to not even clean jokes.
To sum up, I think that social apps are the future. Jokes, from now on have their own community. You can laugh a lot and make others laugh using the app.

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