KEXY- An All-in-one Marketplace For Retailers, Distributors, And Bran external link

KEXY is an all-in-one marketplace that bridges the gap between Retailers, Distributors, and Brands in Hospitality. As the CEO of KEXY, I have 20 plus years of experience in the hospitality sector.

I know firsthand how inefficient operations and communications have led to the worst supply chain issues that restaurants, distributors, and brands have ever faced.

These problems are interconnected. Restaurants lose money by tracking inventory improperly. Distributors miss out on 20% of sales opportunities due to a lack of information. And by law, brands cannot directly sell to restaurants, which limits their ability to market their products.

By tracking inventory patterns and buying behaviors of establishments, KEXY creates a marketplace where everyone wins.

Now, restaurants can purchase the right products that help their bottom line, distributor reps know when the best time is to sell their products, and brands can increase the awareness of their products to a broader territory.

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