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Kids Math Practice racing game is a free application specifically developed for children to have fun with their all time favorite car race and side by side practice math operations.

The features of this app are:

• Free fun racing game. • Addition and multiplication practice through car race. • Challenge for the children – A car race with victory only possible through speeding cars with correct answers. • 5 exciting levels • 3D cars with 5 color-selection choice: green, orange, black, purple, and red • Fantastic multimedia • User-friendly- simple interface and fast learning.

The learning starts with a fun combo of multiplication and addition. The levels serve as the best way to learn multiplication and addition. They enable a fun way to practice multiplication tables and addition between two numbers. Each level of this fun learning game requires correct answers to win the speedy games of car racing. This math game for kids belongs to primary games. There is a fantastic 3D user-interface with an amazing music track.

Kids Math Practice Racing Game is one of the children games (rather child-learning games), which enables addition practice and multiplication practice. It is good enough to be at the top of the list of best free multiplication apps or best maths app.

Maths would be fun for children through this nice math app. A different approach among the multiplication and addition fact games present today. In-game instructions that make it easier its array of fun and games for children easier to understand and follow. The potential of this game is indeed good since, it answers the following questions regarding mathematics games with its excellent features:

•How to help kids learn multiplication? •How to learn multiplication fast? •How to teach children multiplication?

This app is not a stand-alone member of fun, maths-addition games or fun, maths-multiplication games for kids, but rather it is a combination of both. Its gaming approach has been followed in the development of this fun app for kids, hence it is not just a math-multiplication test which is mundane and boring. It is in fact a fun way to learn multiplication tables and basic addition between numbers.

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