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Konvene is the place where you can create and plan any type of event. This wonderful app provides users with the necessary tools to organize an event, as a host; things as simple as creating your event description can be accomplished, and as complex as having your event’s stats. As a guest; attending an event has never being so entertaining, posting pictures, throwing in money, and rating the event are just a couple of the many things Konvene offers.

With Konvene, you can:

* Create unlimited amount of events.
* Discover events around your area.
* Find out what events your friends are going to.
* Categorize your events with simple tags. (Birthday , Meeting , Pool Party ,Trip, and many more.)
* Follow friends.
* Collaborate via event chat.
* Determine the privacy of your event. (Public, Private)
* Post pictures of your event, to have all those memories in one place.
* Rate your experience at any event you attended.
* Store your credit or debit cards fast, for easy purchasing.
* Access maps and directions to your event.
* Throw in money with friends
* Purchase event tickets.
* Easily share events with your friends via social media platforms.
* Get into an event with your phone. Just show them your smart ticket.
* Check who’s attending any event by looking at the guests list, in the event page.
* Make sure everything is on track by checking at your event’s statistics.

We basically take care of everything while you enjoy yourself!

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