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LEADer helps small businesses dramatically grow !
LEADer : One of a kind CRM app (with a smart algorithm) that brings a unique mobile solution for the small self-employed, fast & Simple!
LEADer is a smart, quick and simple customer management app with a smart algorithm, designed for self-employed professionals, from lawyers, accountants, counselors and agents, to cosmeticians, electricians, plumbers and technicians.
which will dramatically improve your business performance, and will help you manage your customers:
The app has an advanced, enjoyable interface, and is fast, simple and smart. It lets everyone manage their customers with their cellphones easily (even those who are unfamiliar with technology), with the help of a set of automatic and simple tools (such as a digital business card, reminders, meetings, price offers, customer’s comments, customers tab and many more tools that will ease your work and will improve your business performance).
This is how LEADer is going to improve the users’ conducting with their customers, the users’ image, and even expedite deals closing… And it’s all with one click!
Everyone can!

The entrepreneurs undertook to solve the following existing problem with LEADer:
Most of customer relationship management systems out there in the world today, mainly serve large or medium businesses, that require a massive layout of tracking and information synchronization between the organization’s workers, including inventory management, sales tracking and reports, orders and other features that the self-employed professional that works alone doesn’t need, hence there is no solution for this community of small businesses (which is not a small community), that is in need for organization, management and order regarding their customers.
LEADer performs many automatic operations during a call and after it, that save time, energy and sources to the lone self-employed. And it’s all through the cellphone with a click! (Which is also the reason why it has not been developed to iPhone which is run by a closed system, allowing no automatic operations.)
LEADer recognizes a call from a new customer, adds them to the system and sends the potential customer a digital business card after your first call with them. The next time they call, a window containing all of the comments about the customer jumps to the screen during the phone call.
– It will automatically remind the customer of your meeting with an SMS.
– It will manage customer records including comments, reminders and price offers, ready to be sent with a click to the customer’s WhatsApp or E-mail.
– Visual statistics in Infographic including a measure of your availability to customers and a measure of deals closing from incoming leads.
– And many more features that will help the small self-employed professional conduct as a big company easily!

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