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Limonetik is an international Fintech business. We offer a B2B comprehensive payment solution on platform as a service (paas) basis which addresses all needs of multichannel retailers, marketplaces, payment issuers, acquirers and payment services providers.

Limonetik started by processing, aggregating and creating payment methods, it then helped to simplify and accelerate their deployment via variety of channels with a focus on ecommerce. Today Limonetik is an established and multiservice online payment platform and many consider it to be one of the most disruptive companies in its industry.

Limonetik provides a unique “Full Service on Demand” payment solution that connects international payment methods to marketplaces and merchants directly or through their existing PSPs. Our customers can easily access a large selection of international payment methods and advanced services from collecting to accounting reconciliation, currency conversion and regulation compliance all via a unique feature reach API.

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    I liked this app this app is quite helpful..