Loopin Chrome Extension – Meeting Notes, Tasks, And Calendar On Google Chrome And Meet! external link

Loopin Chrome Extension brings meetings, notes, and tasks together on your calendar to make meetings productive. The best part – it’s accessible on click of a button, right where you work – Google Chrome, Meet, Calendar, and Mail.

Focus on your work until its time to meet – no more calendar tab searching, no more meeting link searching. Cut down time spent preparing for meetings – add agenda, talking points, meeting notes, assign action items, and next steps – right on the meeting. Jog your memory and get up to speed in no time – Who is working on this? What did we decide? What did we last discuss? – Loopin automagically connects meetings to give you all the answers. Supercharge your productivity!

πŸ“ Inbox for your meeting notes
All meeting outcomes, attached to where they should be β€” the meeting! Similar meeting notes are auto-connected for all meetings.

πŸ“ Notifications on all tabs
Lost in Chrome tabs? Not sure which link to join? Get notifications on the tab you’re on. Never miss a meeting.

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Running late notifications
Running late to a meeting? No problem, notify all meeting attendees with click of a single button.

🎯 Focus on the meeting
No more switching tabs and applications to capture meeting notes. Capture meeting notes, decision, and action items without losing focus on the conversation.

🌐 Share everywhere
Notes go where the rest of your team is. Send via email, to Slack, or your Notion workspace. More integrations coming soon.

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