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If you are working in a team with low control over holiday request/approval process, in a multinational team with different holiday calendars, in a team doing holiday management on paper or in Excel, in a team with frequently changing roster without consistent change publishing system this tool is for your team.

If you are driving a team and not very clear whos holiday is coming soon, how many holiday your subordinates consumed this year, who has consumed most sick leaves this year or not sure if a key resource can go on holiday certain date, this tool is for you.

If you are driving a startup, small or medium organization and struggling with absence visibility & control, this tool is for your company.

MakeMyRoster allows effective absence management in the organization.

By adding members to a team and deciding how to visualise holidays and sick leaves you can easily create and publish your team calendar so it’s visible to all team members. The system offers high flexibility in terms of building organization structure (no depth limit) and types of absence categories. Additionally it handles:
– holiday request/approve system;
– user notifications by e-mail;
– grouping team members into functional areas;
– holiday allowance limits;
– built in national holiday list allowing automatic holiday population at team or single team member level;
– unlimited set of work patterns (self configurable);
– different entry presentation formats at organization level and at team level;
– access from PC/tablet/mobile.

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