Manipulist – Extract And Transform Your Text The Way You Need It external link

Manipulist extracts and transforms your text the way you need it.
Load input text. choose tools, transform text and export it.

Step 1 – Load input
To begin, add text to be processed. This can be done by typing or pasting text on the textarea, or by uploading a file.

Step 2 – Choose tools
Tools are located on the sidebar. Select the first tool from the dropdown.
According to the tool selected, input or select fields may appear. Fill in all the required fields.
Select as many tools as needed and fill in all required fields. When one or more tools have been selected, the “Transform” button will become active. click on it to run the transformation.

Step 3 – Export output
If the transformation was successful, you should now see the textarea updated.
You can copy the textarea to clipboard or export the data as plain text by clicking on the icon .

The Basic free version of Manipulist has limited features but unlimited output lines as the PRO version.

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