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“Mantra application” is your app for your daily Sadhna. This is an application to help you with the Mantras you can’t remember or for those who do not like to recite Mantras alone or lose count in japs. Use this app for your assisted recitation needs. It comes pre-loaded with a collection of the following Mantras:

– Surya Mantra
– Chandra Mantra
– Mangala Mantra
– Budha Mantra
– Guru Mantra
– Shukra Mantra
– Shani Mantra
– Rahu Mantra
– Ketu Mantra
– Shiva Jap
– Gayatri Mantra
– Maha Mrityunjay jap
– Ganesha Mantra
– Ganesha Mool Mantra
– Gurudev Mantra
– Devi Mantra
– Om Namah Sivay Mantra
– Rama mantra
– Kuber Mantra
– Chamunda Mantra
– Kali Mantra
– Navkar Mantra
– Swami Samartha
– Ganpati Mantra
– Swaminarayan Dhun

You can also use the app to create a Jap of your own mantras that you have on your device. So, Download this “Mantra App” and create an atmosphere of austerity around you.

“Mantra App” Design & Developed by Lets Nurture.

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