Maool Email Editor – Create Engaging Email Designs Without Coding external link

Maool is an easy-to-use email editor that helps marketers & business owners in creating emails for their marketing campaigns. It has all features to create stunning emails. Customize email to match with your brand and export to your favorite ESP with a click.

Designing an email is a difficult task if you’re starting from scratch. Maool Email Editor is a powerful drag-and-drop email editor with lots of predesigned email templates and modules that allow you to create engaging emails for your brand. Make it your own by changing the colors and fonts to match your brand’s style. Export it to your ESP with a single click and, you are done.

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  1. Ryder Sunburst says:

    The ability to collaborate with others on projects has revolutionized my teamwork.

  2. Caspian Wilder says:

    Helps me juggle multiple tasks without dropping the ball