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Brand stores today are cookie-cutter — made for a single browse-to-buy journey for every customer. No matter who the shoppers are. No matter where they come from.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ What happens next for the shopper?

Too many choices. Indecision. No sales.

In fact, 98% of visitors to an online web store never end up buying. This is a rapidly escalating problem, with ROAS for brands touching an all-time low. As a result, brands are being held at the gunpoint of marketplaces that squeeze the profits out of their pockets.

Mason is the AI Shopping Copilot for brands & retailers that helps you sell more through personalized customer journeys and omnichannel playbooks tailored to drive higher revenue. Its AI enables faster go-lives and a data-first approach to reduce browse abandonment, capture zero-party data, and increase conversions β€” all in one place. Think of —

βœ… Engaging shoppers with cool fit-finders and deal hunters

βœ… Knowing exactly what shoppers want, like, and needβ€”and precisely when they want it

βœ… Boosting sales with real-time personalized drops across different channels

With Mason, the aim is simple – we help brands & retailers run profitable businesses – taking the middlemen out of the picture.

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