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Download Math on Tiles for FREE and play the best and most original Math game on your device! Math on Tiles is a Math game where the objective of this game is to find the Math equation hidden on the board of tiles that will produce a certain number. Finding the answer is trickier than it looks and it takes math skills, brains, and patience to finish all the levels successfully!
You can find a lot of math puzzle games on the market. However, very few is as deceptively simple as Math on Tiles and as fun to play. You will experience countless hours of fun trying to solve and search for the hidden answer. With Math on Tiles, learning equation is not a burden but an exciting and entertaining activity. It challenges your brain but it keeps you excited and not bored. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the solution for a hard level after you have worked on it for hours.
Math on Tiles

• Unique and original game play that is suitable for kids and adults. This is the perfect game for kids who are currently learning basic equation. The harder levels are appropriate for advanced Math learners and adults who are trying to challenge themselves and their Math skills.

• Simple app design that is easy on your eyes so your eyes won’t get tired easily even after playing for hours.

• Simple and straightforward rule to play. You only need to search the equation that will result in a certain number and the solution is hidden in the tiles.

• Four level of difficulties. You will be required to find Math equation that has 3, 5, 7, and 9 tiles. The more tiles the question required, the harder it is to come out with the correct answer.

• 300 FREE Levels to complete. There are enough levels in this app to help your kids sharpen their equation skills and challenging enough for adults to keep playing for many many hours.

• 10 free hints to help you when you are stuck. You have the opportunity to unlock unlimited amount of hints with just one time in app purchase! Yes, it is much more satisfying to solve all these levels all by yourself. However, we understand that there are simply some levels where you simply can’t find the hidden answer.

Many people love puzzle games and they are always up for new challenging and fun games to play. Numbers games are popular lately because they are brain challenging. Math game is universal. Anyone can play math games, young or adult. That is because the gameplay is usually straightforward and easy to understand. However, the game gets more difficult and brain challenging as you move forward to the next levels.

Surprisingly, kids are quite good at math games. They just enjoy the games and not worrying about their grades. This is actually very beneficial for their education. They can have all the benefits of math drills and workouts without the stress that accompanies formal math education. Install Math on Tiles for your kids and see how much they enjoy solving the equation on every level and improve their calculation skills. It won’t be long before your kid becomes a math wiz.

This search for the correct equation is not as simple as it seems so don’t dismiss it as a kid’s game yet. You will find that as an adult, you will find the equation gets more and more challenging and finally you will have to use a hint we provide to move on to the next level. The key to succeed at the first round is to force yourself not to use any hint and use your brain instead. Try to see how far you can go to solve this math equation puzzle game without any help. Then on higher levels, the key to succeed is never to give up and to try again and again, just like when you are doing math drills and math workouts at school.

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  1. Julie Garcia says:

    great app

  2. Ruth Conner says:

    The progress tracking feature is incredibly motivating