Meeba – A Social Application For Travelers external link

Meeba gives you real-time travel information and help everywhere you are from people who are there with you.
With meeba you can see who is around you, meet new people, find travel partners, message them and get information from them.
meeba has a local board that everyone in your area can see.
There you can create and join events, ask questions, get recommendations, buy and sell travel equipment, find out everything that is going on in your area.
In meeba you can share your location with people you meet and follow them so that it will be easier to meet with them again.

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  1. Emily Layne says:

    I’ve used it in Prague and it really help me get the sense of what’s going on there.
    It could be really helpful in places with a lot of travelers in them.
    Worth checking out :)

  2. malka aviv says:

    Great app to meet people to travel with – check it out!

  3. Yochai kimchy says:

    Amazing idea, very nice app, I really liked it. see for yourself

  4. Barto Puena says:

    I really likes this app. Actually saved me ! – I was outside the hostel at 2AM (Quito Ecuador). The door was closed. Knocking on dead wood. I tried the app, found a few guys that were in the hostel. Pinged them – and thankfully they open the door for me from within. I don’t wanna think what would happen if I had to spend the night outside.

  5. Frances Griffin says:

    Does what it says!

  6. I found this app very useful as a tool that gives me the feeling I’m not alone anywhere I am at any time. Find other backpackers around me makes the stay in a new place much easier to know the place.

  7. Donald Jones says:

    Really awesome I liked it😊

  8. Paul Patterson says:

    It is a great app thank you

  9. William Bryant says:

    great little app