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Having productive meetings has never been easier!

Keep your meetings short and focused by managing all information and documentation before, during, and after your meeting, all in one place!

MeetingKing is a powerful meeting management software that helps you prepare an agenda, take meeting minutes, share documents, assign tasks, and much more. Our global SaaS platform is built around the natural workflow of meetings.

For more than 10 years MeetingKing has been helping businesses, educational and governmental institutions, non-profits, churches, and clubs have more productive meetings. MeetingKing automates all the administrative work around meetings (agenda, minutes, task follow-up) so you and your team can focus on the actual discussion.

MeetingKing is a powerful resource to get the most out of any type of in-person or online meeting. It is the perfect companion for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Become the crowned champion of teamwork and collaboration.



Take the chore out of preparing your agendas. Active attendees will be more engaged and prepared if they know what will be discussed. Take advantage of our elegant and evocative pre-built meeting agenda templates (board, management, staff, project, club, etc.) or easily create and save your own templates. All participants with a MeetingKing account can contribute to the agenda.


Effortlessly capture the discussion and outcome of your meetings. Our software turns your short notes into professional meeting minutes and task lists. After the meeting, you can automatically email or export the meeting minutes in PDF or DOCX.


Have all the information in one place. You can easily attach files and supporting documents to your agenda, minutes, and tasks.


MeetingKing helps you to get things done after the meeting concludes. In MeetingKing, you can assign tasks while you are taking notes during the meeting. In a follow-up meeting, tasks from the previous meetings will automatically be added to your new agenda. The included powerful task manager helps you to keep on track and you can even collaborate and update your team members by adding comments.


Do you sometimes forget what was discussed and need to repeat the meeting? No more! MeetingKing provides a complete archive with powerful filter and search functionality. This extra touch makes it easy to find all meeting minutes and tasks by project, department, and person.


Make your meeting workflow even more productive by connecting MeetingKing to your favorite tools. Our software integrates with Google Calendar and via Zapier with Asana, Trello, Todoist, and many more.


Do you want to supercharge your meetings with efficiency and productivity? Meet us halfway with a FREE 30-day MeetingKing trial.

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