MeetNotes – Run Team Meetings. Manage Tasks And Follow Ups. external link

The MeetNotes Slack bot is the perfect tool for meetings, teamwork and collaboration.
On MeetNotes you can:
-Run great team meetings.
-Create, assign and follow up on team tasks.
-Collaborate with your team on any project.

MeetNotes Slack bot helps you with all the stages of running a business meeting
You can add an agenda, prepare notes and get geared for your meetings, all from your slack window.
Once the meeting is over you can share notes on your slack channels. Everyone is up to date in seconds. No messy note taking and compilation
You can also pin important messages to meetings from slack.
Collect meeting feedback within seconds from all attendees
Before your next meeting, update task status with ease.

MeetNotes is integrated with Google Drive and Trello. Integration with voice recognition apps and other task management tools are in the roadmap.

MeetNotes can reduce your meeting time and improve meeting productivity. Proven by teams from education, entertainment and tech companies.

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  1. Billy Price says:

    Just what i was looking for.

  2. Rose Price says:

    Does what it says!