Memory Monitor – Disk, Storage And Processor Info external link

Memory Monitor is an informative iOS App that gives you all information of your iOS or iPhone/iPad device.
By using this app, you can get all information of your device parameters such as disk usage, processor, storage and General Monitoring.
It has the general information for the device disk monitoring, total disk capacity, free disk capacity, used disk capacity, etc. And it also gives the information free memory used, working memory, wired and inactive memory at a single place. So download and know device information.
* Get the used and space memory information
* Processor & Storage information
* General Monitoring information
* Processor Information
* Total Disk Capacity, Free Disk Capacity & Used Disk Capacity information

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  1. Ronald Hughes says:

    I have been using this app ever since it was released

  2. Russell Martinez says:

    I like this app most

  3. Julia Thomas says:

    It is a great app thank you