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Merge Meadow is a fun, relaxing, hyper-casual game with a large collection of animals to unlock.

Players choose their starting meadow: Day for cute forest animals, or Night for fun fantasy critters.

Open bundles to reveal animals, then merge two of the same animal to unlock a new one.
Each animal has its own charming name and appearance.
As players discover new animals their meadow grows, unlocking special seats like thrones, castles, clouds, toadstools and more.

Animals generate hearts which can be spent in the critter store, to deliver higher level animals, speeding up unlocking new animals.

If you love games with adorable art, and quick and easy gameplay, Merge Meadow! is the game for you.

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  1. Lois Long says:

    great little app

  2. Deborah Kelly says:

    Nice job

  3. Brenda Perry says:

    Fantastic. Just what I was looking for