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To the staff

We’re proud to introduce you “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, our latest app for iPhone and iPad.

With this application, anyone can be turned, in a few seconds, to a perfect Santa Claus.

By accessing the app, after a quick tutorial, it’s necessary to upload a photo. It’s possible to get it from the galleries on the device,  shoot a new one with the camera, or import it from a web album (Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and others).

Then, by clicking the “Dress” button, the subject finds himself disguised as Santa Claus in a few seconds, with beard and hat appropriately positioned. It’s also possible to add other items, some of which are free and others unlockable with a single purchase. There are many beards, hats, noses, ears and decorations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Each object can be moved, rotated or enlarged to fit better the image.

There are numerous filters and effects available to enhance the image, to give it a look more vintage or more artistic. The user can also work on the image with practical and easy photo editing tools. Finally, it’s possible to insert text to personalize greetings for friends and family. The final work will be saved and shared via email or on social networks.

We hope you’ll like it.


Best regards,

Emiliano Spada


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