Metasender – Send Thousands Of Tokens Or NFTs To Multiple Addresses In A Single Transaction! external link

Send thousands of tokens or NFTs to multiple addresses in a single transaction!

Need to send your tokens to different addresses in batch? The MetaSender Dapp automates the process for you so you can save a massive amount of time and money.

Test MetaSender for free!
Batch transfer your tokens to a max of 10 different addresses for free.

Optimized and Secure
Our contract has been built and audited to guarantee you a minimum fee per transaction and maximum security.

24h Support
You got a question? Our team is available at any time. Just hit the chat button to start a conversation.

Four simple steps to batch send your tokens

Connect your wallet and select the assets type and blockchain. Then simply enter the token contract address and the list of the recipient’s addresses.

Once the addresses are entered, hit the send button to get an estimation of your transaction cost.

Then approved the connection and the transaction via your Metamask interface to start sending your tokens.

The transfer will be completed in 3-5 minutes. We will provide you with the transaction link so you can follow the transfer.

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