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You have just washed your car, and it started to rain the following day? You are really fed up with wasting your money on a car wash? It will never ever happen again. The application “MeteoWash” will select the luckiest day to wash your car and also will direct to the nearest car washes is your city. Just open the app and choose your city, and the app will refer to the best day of car wash and advise not to was the car in near days. And if you decide to wash your car , then the app will direct you to the nearest car washes and show them on a map. It will also show the telephone number, address and their rating based on the feedback.

Are you fed up with fines for dirty number plates? Follow driving regulations but not the weather forecast with the app MeteoWash. But mind that weather forecast is not the exact science and might be mistaken time and again. Be tolerant to the app advise. MeteoWash is an app which will enable the caring drivers with the possibility not to waste time and money on a car wash before rain or wet snow starts.

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