Microtasks – Notes & Todos As Notifications external link

We are looking at our devices all the time. Put your tasks / todos / notes in the notification area and never forget them again.

Features at a glance
⬜ Plain simple interface. View past, present and current tasks.
🚀 Quickly add & edit tasks / todos / notes from notifications themselves.
🕗 Schedule one-off or recurring tasks. Perfect for habit building.
👀 Always visible in the notification area. Highlight important tasks.
🏎️ Quick Settings tile available for fast access.
🔒 “Locked” by default for no accidental swipe.
👊 Tasks are restored when the device is restarted.

microtasks is a plain simple todo / notes / task manager that uses entirely the notification area. Use it to add small things that you must do or remember during the day, habit building, sudden inspiration notes or anything else. Silent notifications, with no sound or vibration, are used to minimize disruption.

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  1. Paula Ross says:

    I never knew I needed this app until I started using it, now I can’t imagine life without it.