Mindwell Labs – A Precision Healthtech Startup external link

A precision healthcare technology company that aims to unleash the full potential of mindfulness, personalized for each user.

Our mission is to awaken your genius through technology and the science of mindful awareness.

The mindfulness industry is at an inflection point. Over the next five years, big data and AI will unleash complete, measurable, and personalized mindfulness services. The relevancy and quality of these services will increase exponentially to transform the multi-trillion dollar global health, wellness and performance industries.

Mindwell Labs is leading this charge with proprietary technologies and a unique approach to disrupting how people live and work. We are building products to offer people 24/7 automated personalized mindfulness advice based upon their biomarkers and other inputs from their environment to improve their health, wellness, and performance.

While popular apps like Calm and Headspace teach you meditation and offer mindfulness content, we deploy proprietary physiological and neuropsychological tests to first assess your particular state and then offer highly personalized mindfulness-based recommendations proven to provide lasting improvements to your health, wellness, and performance.

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