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While eCommerce businesses are looking to grow with acquisition channels like paid and influencer marketing, retention marketing through personalized experiences (like Emails & SMS) is becoming critical for businesses to stay profitable. Personalize at scale – level up your retention game with Moda.

Moda is a modern customer data & marketing platform that helps eCommerce brands understand their customers better via segments, send automated email and SMS marketing campaigns and personalize experiences for each customer based on their behaviors.

Stay ahead of your competitors by reaching out to your customers in real-time by automating marketing channels such as Emails, SMS, WhatsApp and more. Engage with them by sending high-converting personalized messages based on their activities without any effort.

Stop looking at each individual customer, group them into similar Profiles & engage with them with Moda’s prebuilt segments. You can also set up different communication flows based on their behaviors such as targeting new customers, products viewed, cart abandonment, post-purchase, recommendations, and more.

While so many activities are happening in your store, you might lose track of what’s working for your brand or what isn’t. But with Moda, you will get all your customer’s data into a single view from site interactions to behaviors across your support, review, subscriptions and shipping apps. So, you can keep an eye on your store performance, campaigns and flows with our unified insights and reportings.

The platform is specifically designed for growing eCommerce brands and caters to their business goals, unlike tools that offer the same solutions for all industries. It offers enterprise-grade CDP capabilities at startup costs with some advanced data capabilities across all plans with 24X7 free customer support.

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