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“Legend of Momotaro” – Interactive, animated storybook and art creativity app to humorously help teach your child early reading and logical skills – Japanese folk Fairy Tale for kids! Amazing original artwork, professional narration and fun interactive activities on each page.

Join Momotaro & his animals-friends on their thrilling journey through sakura forest, mountains, magic koi poind, thunder storm. First story within our series of world national folk tales.

▷ Great bedtime story, family time reading or self-entertainment of the child when traveling
▷ Language & narration selection between de, en, fr, es, chin, ru, jap
▷ Fun original artwork, animations that capture your child’s curiosity
▷ Two ways of reading the book – Read to Me – listen to the narrator and control the progress of the story yourself, and – Read it Myself – read the book in its traditional form

We are a young app developer company in New York that bring your toddlers tools to learn about cultures, traditions, vocabulary and logical thinking in a fun and entertaining manner.

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  1. Ruby Diaz says:

    very good

  2. Deborah Kelly says:

    very good