Monster War(Tower Shooting) external link

Monster War(Tower Shooting) is a shooting game with fresh 、gorgeous screen ,people of any age can easily grasp, gorgeous special effects attack, let you fully enjoy carefree shooting feeling.There are different roles in the game, as well as the rich and powerful crossbow system, lovely pets also help you challenge.

-Three different roles of different attacks on property
-Click on a monster to attack, slide the screen you can quickly release to shoot bows and arrows
-Drag the bottom right corner of the skill icons to quickly release skills, a large area of attack monsters
-Shooting monsters to get gold and diamond awards, it can be used to purchase a variety of props and upgrades
-Weekly award and VIP can bring you lots of surprises
-Fresh and colorful picture 、cute monster for you to enjoy the visual
-Rich props system, the role of the gorgeous、 city tower super stunts will help you easily pass defense

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