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Please be informed the MouseAxisLocker has been released:

MouseAxisLocker is a small Windows freeware utility, which easily locks the mouse axis and limits the cursor to move in a horizontal, vertical or 45 degree diagonal mode as long as hotkeys are pressed. The program receives your hotkey actions in the global Windows environment, even in 3rd-party programs.

In general, creating icons and graphic design often requires precise control of the mouse cursor movement. A slight move to the left or the right could break the design into an unwanted result. Undsired mistakes could make users start all over again and definitely be frustrating.

Having that in mind, MouseAxisLocker is the lightweight utility meant to help users lock the cursor in place, restricting its movements and preventing unwanted mouse slides. Users can use MouseAxisLocker in drawing/design software programs, or PC games which they need to force the cursor move horizontally or vertically.

The usage of MouseAxisLocker is quite simple: Press the hotkey to start locking the mouse cursor movement axis, and press the hotkey again to unlock. Users can also set MouseAxisLocker to run on Windows startup, and let it hide to the system tray automatically.

Default Hotkeys

Lock Cursor in Horizontal Mode: CTRL + 1
Lock Cursor in Vertical Mode: CTRL + 2
Lock Cursor in Left Tilt 45 Degree Diagonal Mode (from top left to bottom right) : CTRL + 3
Lock Cursor in Right Tilt 45 Degree Diagonal Mode (from top right to bottom left) : CTRL + 4

Users can select their favor hotkeys in drop lists and hit the OK button to change the hotkeys setting.

MouseAxisLocker Highlights

– Mouse Cursor Horizontal or Vertical Lock
– Mouse Cursor 45 Degree Diagonal Lock
– Auto Start on Windows Startup Available
– Hide to System Tray Automatically
– Global Hot Keys Locking the Mouse Cursor in 3rd-party Programs
– Hot Keys Customization
– Multilingual
– Adware/Malware Clean
– Portable Version Available


File size: 1.2 MB
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 or later.

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