MyBloc!! New Social Networking App external link

View your social networks in the most creative and unique way ever!!

MyBloc will combine your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts together in one app. You only need one of these accounts to use MyBloc.

Everything is based around a three-dimensional cube. Something you have never seen before. Each side of the Bloc with feature a different post from one or more of your social network accounts. You can be on the main Bloc and watch all three network accounts with the newest post rotate or you can filter the post by going to your individual network at the top left of the screen and flipping to the bottom of the cube.

Your Bloc will contain different information for each network.
Facebook will display: News Feed, Wall, Photos, and Status
Instagram will display: Feed, My Photos, Popular, and Nearby
Twitter will display: Feed, My Tweets, Mentions, and Retweets

Watch as your Bloc rotates on its own through your most recent feeds!!

This is just the beginning. MyBloc will be updating constantly with new information and new features.

Free link:

Paid link:

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