MyFeed – The Best Way To Get Pop Culture News From Across The Web, Curated For You. external link

No one wants to scroll for hours on multiple different feeds to find trending information. Sadly, that is what we are faced with today on all social networks.

There’s too much clutter on our feeds, and not enough diverse curation of who and what are important today.

Enter MyFeed.

MyFeed started as a simple “social influencer directory” 2 years ago, and has since grown into the most robust and complete trending aggregator on the web.

The algorithm uses data from Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, all major news sites, & more to create rankings and grab content about the top trending things you might have missed today, based on your interests.

Whether its a new song released – or a sports trade – MyFeed can save you a ton of time wasted scrolling through timelines and news feeds, all while keeping you more informed through diverse opinions and different perspectives offered by MyFeed’s news aggregation system.

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  1. Fred Russell says:

    This app is so cooooooolll.