Neon Wings – Addictive And Rapid Space-themed Arcade Game external link

Neon Wings is an addictive and rapid space-themed arcade game.

Play as a pilot on the run from a galactic war and survive for as long as possible! Collect white stars to gain points and beat your previous high scores. Collect jewels to purchase new ships and find power-ups for temporary enhancements. But, most importantly, dodge all aliens and obstacles that come your way!

➜ Classic shootemup style but with a unique twist
➜ Collect points and dodge enemies to beat the high score
➜ The background constantly changes colour to hide and reveal enemies
➜ Collect jewels to purchase cool new ships
➜ Get different types of power-ups to boost your abilities
➜ 8bit / retro / pixel art graphics
➜ Original chiptune soundtrack

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