Nero AI Video Upscaler – Enhance Your Video Up To 4x Its Original Quality With AI external link

Nero AI Video Upscaler is your ultimate tool for enhancing videos up to 4x their original quality. If you’re a content creator, marketer, work with AI-generated videos, or simply someone seeking to enhance old or low-quality videos, this Windows software is what you’ve been waiting for.

[Key Features]

*Super Resolution: Enhance videos to 2x or 4x their original quality.

*Noise Reduction: Remove noise and grain, ensuring your videos are crystal clear.

*Clip Selection: Enhance any clip within a video without the need for pre-cutting.

*AI Models for Every Need:
Fast – Upscale quickly, perfect for time-sensitive projects.
Animation – Recommended for animation and AI-generated content.
Realistic – Enhance actual video footage for true-to-life quality.

*Max Video Input: 1920*1080, and achieve amazing 4x video quality with it.

*No Watermarks

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